To Home We Go

dig deep

Every once in awhile, life throws a curve ball. Well, she sure threw my family a whopper. This past year, we lost my seventeen year old to suicide. Now, as I work to put the pieces back together, I wish to bring hope to those who are suffering due to suicidal ideations or suicide attempts as well as hope in healing to those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Through this heartbreaking and unwanted journey, I am guiding my family to find peace and healing . Welcome to what I pray is a source of hope for you.

7 thoughts on “To Home We Go”

  1. Love this design 🙂 – hope you don’t mind but I’ve nominated you for The Black Cat Blue Sea Award – to participate you need to answer three questions from my “Black Cat Blue Sea Award” Post – nominate 7 blogs and set them 3 questions to answer ….. hope you will enjoy taking part but please do not feel obliged to if you don’t want to . ❤


  2. Hi, Fab blog! I am still in the very early stages – 4 months old. Just making efforts to link in with fellow bloggers to improve our followers and get the word out there for us both. I would appreciate you having a peek at my blog, as I have published several posts. Feel free to like, comment, follow or just take a peek. Thank you 🙂


  3. Thank you for inviting me! As always I enjoy your thoughts as you post and comment on things, such as family, children, husbands, trials, triumphs, God, faith, I could go on forever….but what I’m trying to say is you really encourage me to be the best I can be, and to always look to the one who molded me, walks with me, encourages me, and carries me at times. Thank you for your post, your prayers, but mostly the friendship that we share!! You are an AWESOME lady, so keep those blogs coming!! Much love!


    1. thank you! you are so sweet and your friendship is treasured. I started this just as a hobby, but if I can be encouraging to others then I am thankful for that. Faith and God are what keep me going so I hope to spread His goodness.


    1. I am sorry for your loss. I lost my son only 10 days prior to your loss. As I’m sure you know, it seemed to have gotten worse as timed passed. I told my husband the other evening that losing my son was The tragic, heartbreaking event in my life, but living here without him breaks my heart every day. I wish you strength, hope, peace, and love as you grieve.


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